Saturday, February 9, 2013

What We Do

We are a critique group. We begin each session with a list of successes and news. If members have something to share about projects completed, sold or published, we do it here.

Then the critique part of the evening starts. The usual plan is for each member to bring five double-spaced pages for critique. The member brings enough copies to pass around so that the other members can make notes as they read.

That's what we usually do. And at this week's meeting, two members did just that. But we are a flexible group. One of us read an outline for her newest children's book about the Pennsylvania State Nittany Lion and we gave her suggestions on how she might improve the story line. One of us read a set of puzzles for possible submission to children's magazines and we gave feedback on those and gave her ideas about possible markets. Another member read a brainstormed list of possible children's book projects and the other members commented on those ideas and whether the projects were worth pursuing.

So basically what we do is support each other in our writing goals. It's a format that works.

Photos copyright Susan Denney. Members pictured are Denise Kaminsky, Jack Dunn, Glenda Race and Tom Mooney.

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